Eat Better Cheese With This At-Home Cheese Cave


Underground activity is vital to the world of fine cheeses. Cheesemongers use cheese caves to ripen their wares and keep them safely stored for optimal freshness, and your vegetable crisper just can’t compare. Caves are cool, and, most importantly, humid, keeping the cheese from drying out. 

Soon, you may be able to replicate those perfect cheese conditions in your own fridge, thanks to a mini cheese cave that its inventor says can fit in your fridge. (The exact dimensions haven't been released yet.) Called the Cheese Grotto, it controls for air flow, humidity, and temperature to make sure that your cheese stays comfy. When storing cheese, you’re looking for about 75 percent humidity, cheesemonger and inventor Jessica Sennet told Edible Brooklyn.

“Cheese Grotto invites you into our world of optimal cheese storage,” the company’s website trumpets. Yes, please. Give it to me. My body is ready. 

The Cheese Grotto is made out of bamboo and has three levels that can each be adjusted for the perfect airflow for various types of cheese. The wooden boards that support each level in the cave can be pulled out and used as cutting boards, too. 

It’s still in prototype testing, unfortunately, so you can’t buy it just yet. It’s due out sometime this year, and the price is still TBA. In the meantime, the company also hosts cheese workshops and tastings. 

[h/t Edible Brooklyn]

All images courtesy Cheese Grotto