Watch the First and Final Frames of Popular TV Shows


Diving into a new TV show is a serious time commitment. While movies tell a finite story over the course of a few hours, TV shows can run for years, creating tangled webs of characters and long, sometimes meandering, plot-lines. It’s often impossible, when we begin following a show, to predict the course it will take. And, by the time we reach the series finale, after years of twists and turns, it’s easy to forget how a show began.

But the creators of our favorite shows never lose track of the interwoven threads of story that make up a series. And the beginning and ending shots of a television show often reflect its arc, revealing how a character or story has evolved over time. In “First and Final Frames of Series,” self-proclaimed TV addict Celia Gomez has compiled the first and last shots of popular television shows like Twin Peaks, The Wire, and Breaking Bad (many of these shots are packed with spoilers, so watch at your own risk). It’s fascinating to see how these shots relate to each other, how the final frames often mirror the first frames, bringing shows full circle or revealing important developments. Check it out above.

Banner Image Credit: Celia Gomez, Vimeo