In 1986, Apple Launched a Clothing Line

rickh3255/imgur / rickh3255/imgur

With a brilliant sense of product design and a knack for always knowing exactly what their customers want next, Apple has developed a cult-like following in its 40 years in business. But that isn't to say the company hasn't made a few missteps.

In 1986, one year after Steve Jobs resigned as chairman following a power struggle with John Sculley, the company attempted to see just how far their fans would follow them with the launch of The Apple Collection, a line of Apple-branded clothing, accessories, and lifestyle items that encouraged customers to show their support of the company in the most public way possible. Because nothing says "I love my Mac" more than an $1100 sailboard. So pop your collar and prepare to travel 30 years into the past to browse through The Apple Collection. (Keep your eyes peeled for the $35 "Apple Watch.")

All images courtesy rickh3255/imgur.