Why Use Sunscreen? Just Look at Your Butt

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Chances are, you aren’t as diligent with your sunscreen usage as you should be. Are you wearing it every day and reapplying regularly (while still getting enough Vitamin D)? Yeah, we didn’t think so. But this little tip from The Science of Us might help motivate you: check out your butt. 

Keeping your skin safe from harmful rays is important protection against skin cancer, but it’s also aesthetic. Staying out of the sun keeps wrinkles and spots away. As Dr. Diane Madfes of Mount Sinai Hospital told The Science of Us, all you have to do to imagine what you could look like if you protected your skin carefully is check out the parts of your body that never see the light of day. And for many of us, that’s our butt.

You might notice, as she describes, that “The skin in this area is smoother, tighter, with better elasticity.” Thank your clothes for acting as 24-hour sunscreen. Slather it on, people! We could all have butt faces if we just worked hard enough!

[h/t The Science of Us]

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