Infamous ‘Amityville Horror House’ Hits the Market

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Paul Hawthorne/Getty / Paul Hawthorne/Getty

The so-called "Amityville Horror House" on Ocean Avenue in Long Island, New York was the site of a bloody mass murder in 1974. Since then it’s been the target of claims of paranormal activity, and the subject of one book and several movies that paint it in a less-than-flattering light. Despite this, The Washington Post reports that the newly for-sale property was named’s "most popular" house last week.

The three-story, five bedroom building is currently on the market for $850,000, and according to the listing agent, its shady past has done nothing to keep buyers away. "We have several offers from local Amityville residents who are very much aware of the history and are not at all concerned," Jerry O'Neill, owner of Caldwell Banker Harbor Light, told The Washington Post

The home’s spooky saga began over 40 years ago when then 23-year-old Ronald J. DeFeo shot and killed his parents and four siblings while they were asleep in their home. DeFeo’s attorneys reportedly argued that he had been driven to murder by voices in the house telling him to do it.

The next family bought it for a bargain at $80,000, only to end up abandoning the home and all their belongings one night after a month of alleged paranormal activity. A 1977 book (which has since been adapted multiple times for the screen) based on these events further solidified the home’s haunted reputation.

Three additional families have owned the home since the murders, with the most recent owners buying it for $950,000 in 2010. A few updates have been made to the property over the years to make it more marketable. The address was changed to 108 Ocean Avenue, with the original address being completely wiped from existence. The signature pair of eye-shaped windows facing the street have also been modified to look significantly less spooky.

If you’re in the market for one of the most famous haunted houses in America, or just a stately colonial home with river access, you can check out the listing here.

[h/t The Washington Post]

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