Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Attacks London's Waterloo Station

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American movie fans will have to wait until July 15 to see how the Ghostbusters reboot helmed by Paul Feig turned out, but the film has already hit theaters in Ireland and the UK and the ghostly vibes are beginning to ripple across the countries. At London's Waterloo railway station, commuters were met with a familiar—and still unhappy—face from the original film this week. According to Metro UK, a giant Stay Puft Marshmallow Man sculpture that appears to be smashing its way through the floor was installed in the center of the busy underground hub and has become a fun photo-op, despite the angry snarl on its face.

The Ghostbusters Facebook page says that the sculpture stands around 9.5 feet tall and is nearly 28 feet around, which is significantly smaller than the one that punched its way through Manhattan in the original 1984 film, but still not something you would want to cross paths with. Special Ghostbusters Waterloo transit tickets were printed for the release day of the film, the gates to the station were covered in branded stickers, fake slime was hung from security cameras, Forbidden Planet set up a merchandise booth, and custom station maps were posted that featured Ghostbusters icons and logos.

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This may be the best marketing campaign of the 2016 summer movie season so far. According to Titan Books on Twitter, the installation will stay in place for the next two weeks, so there's still some time for selfies if you missed opening day. 

[h/t Metro]