Panda Express Introduces Hybrid Utensil Called Chorks

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Squirreled away in Panda Express' latest press release about their new menu items is a small but exciting note: The fast food chain will soon be offering a new utensil with their meals. In the near future, food court diners will be able to consume their food with chorks—a beautiful union of forks and chopsticks.

Disappointingly, this does not mean chopsticks with little forks at the end. Instead, the device features a pair of chopsticks with a fork tethered to the opposite end. That means that eaters who struggle with chopsticks can have something a little less unwieldy—sort of like training wheels or water skis that are tied together. It also means that when you get toward the bottom of your meal and the pieces get harder to pick up, you can quickly switch to a fork to shovel the rest of the food down.

Panda Express explains in the press release that the chorks are "a perfect way to illustrate the mashup of American and Chinese cultures." They are being announced at the same time as their addition of General Tso's chicken to the menu, which is also a blend of American and Chinese culture, although arguably more American than anything else. Eater points out that while the restaurant did not invent chorks, they will be responsible for bringing the utensil into the mainstream. Will chorks one day take over sporks as the hybrid utensil of choice? Only several trips to the mall food court will tell. In the meantime, you can get ahead of the craze and buy some chorks online

[h/t Eater]