6 Places Where the Yeti Has Been Spotted

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Stories of the Yeti have fascinated people for centuries. A ravaging creature similar to Bigfoot, the Yeti remains one of world culture’s most enduring legends. You might not believe the bipedal monster exists, but a few eyewitness accounts could sway your opinion. Here are a few of the places the creature has been spotted.


Many Yeti tales originate in the Himalayas, the snow-capped mountains near India. In 1925, a photographer was hiking as part of a British expedition when he saw an unusual figure more than 300 yards away. Naked, it disappeared before the man could snap a picture. Heading down, he noticed five-toed footprints in the snow—indicating a conspicuous lack of footwear considering the elements. The photographer later declared he believed what he had seen was the Yeti.


In 2011, a team of Yeti explorers combing Siberian terrain announced they had made a startling discovery: some strands of hair and footprints they believed belonged to the creature. The hairs were found in a cave—possibly the elusive prey’s home—along with a makeshift bed. Despite a lack of conclusive evidence, tourism to the cave in the Kemerovo region soared after the announcement.


An American television program, featuring Expedition Unknown’s Josh Gates, was filming in 2007 when the production staff came across intriguing footprints near the Manju River in the Khumbu region: all were oversized. The team captured molds of the prints, and one cast now resides at a popular theme park.


In 1951, a group of mountaineers looking to reach the summit of Mount Everest spotted a series of strange footprints in the snow more than 16,000 feet up. The prints were said to be twice as wide as a normal human’s. Using ice picks and boots to identify their scale, the crew took some of the highest-quality photographs ever released of what could be the Yeti’s tracks. The originals fetched more than $8000 during a 2014 auction.


In 1988, Ukrainian researchers paid a visit to the Pamir Mountains near the Afghanistan border. While there, they insisted they were roughly 100 feet away from a genuine Yeti. The creature emerged after the team had set up a camp for the night, lurking in the background before wandering away.


In what remains one of the most intimate encounters with the creature reported to date, a Soviet scientist claimed in 1988 that she came face-to-face with the Yeti during a Siberian expedition. The researcher and her companions had settled into a cabin overnight when they heard a commotion. Stepping outside, they described seeing a six-foot, seven-inch creature covered in fur and sporting red eyes. Standing just 16 feet away, the beast was scared off when her dog began barking and chasing after it.

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