This Website Makes Music Suggestions Based on Album Color /

With so many different ways to consume music, branching outside your comfort zone can get overwhelming. Most existing music suggestion sites direct users to artists and genres that fall within their current tastes. As The Creators Project reports, does things a little differently: All you have to do is select a color and the site will suggest albums that match it.

The site’s homepage presents visitors with a straightforward color scale. You can select your favorite shade, a color that reflects your mood, or you can just click the screen at random. Each selection brings up a collection of album covers containing that exact hue.

The color #FD0E35 (scarlet), for example, generates Rebel Music by Bob Marley and the Wailers and The Essential Charlie Parker, while #035096 (medium electric blue) includes Nevermind by Nirvana and Surfing USA by The Beach Boys. By allowing users to explore music in a visual way, brings the experience of browsing through physical records into the digital realm. Clicking on each cover pulls up the track list as well as a link to purchase it from iTunes—if streaming is more your style, you can also save entire color collections as Spotify playlists.

[h/t The Creators Project]