Teenager Builds a 'Record-Breaking' Chain of 15,524 Dominos

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It takes only a few minutes to topple a chain of 15,524 dominos, but the glory of breaking a world record lasts much longer. Lily Hevesh, an 18-year-old who goes by the name Hevesh5 on YouTube, claims she did just that by constructing the spiraling display in the video below.

Hevesh is a professional domino artist who runs a YouTube channel featuring videos of her intricate installations. Recently, the channel hit 1 million subscribers, but instead of resting on her laurels, Hevesh resolved to break an unofficial world record held by 101gabed, a fellow YouTube domino artist .

The teenager teamed up with two friends to build a chain longer than 101gabed's "record-breaking" domino chain, made from 12,610 dominos. Hevesh's chain contained nearly 3000 pieces more, and took two days to complete. On Saturday, April 8, she declared victory by posting a video of the accomplishment.

You can watch the entire process below, but keep in mind that Guinness hasn’t officially verified Hevesh’s achievement, nor do they have an actual category for it. For now, we’ll have to take the young domino artist's word for it that her large-scale arrangement is the “longest” in the world.

Hevesh will have to settle for one official world record: In 2016, the teenager—along with 18 other participants—made it into the Guinness Book. You can find them listed under the category for "most dominoes toppled in a circle field." (For those curious, it's 76,017.)

[h/t Laughing Squid]