Watch Nearly 90 Minutes of Memorable ‘90s Commercials

Richard T. Nowitz/The Image Bank/Getty Images

Before social media and streaming platforms filled our screens, cable TV was the dominant mode of entertainment. That meant television ads were unavoidable in many households by the end of the 20th century. If you lived through the 1990s, the retro commercials in the video below may look familiar to you. 

This compilation from the YouTube channel Simply Seth packs dozens of memorable commercials that aired between 1992 and 1997 into an 83-minute video. Many of the products advertised back then are still around, like cars and clothes. Most of the food brands advertised also exist today—though as you can see, many of them hopped on the “fat-free” trend that was hot at the time. 

Others items may look foreign to anyone born in the new millennium. One commercial for Magnavox mentions camcorders, CD players, and portable 5-inch TV sets in the span of 30 seconds. This supercut is also likely the only place you’ll hear the phrases like “Mortal Combat: The Series” and “Doritos Tortilla Thins Chevy Chase Vacation Sweepstakes” in 2023.

If you misplaced your collection of VHS recordings from 30 years ago, this video is the next best thing. It may even make you miss the days of paying for all your television programming with one bill a month. After watching the commercials, check out this video showing a typical day in the life of a 1990s high school student.