America's 25 Most Expensive ZIP Codes

It may be the most famous ZIP code in America, but 90210 in Beverly Hills isn't the most expensive. Four U.S. cities rank above it.
The glamorous streets of 90210—a.k.a. Beverly Hills.
The glamorous streets of 90210—a.k.a. Beverly Hills. / Klaus Hackenberg/The Image Bank/Getty Images

A ZIP code can do more than get your mail to the right destination. Depending on where you live, that string of five numbers can communicate wealth and status. Based on average home prices, these are the most desirable ZIP codes in the country. 

To determine the most expensive ZIP codes in the U.S., Property Shark analyzed the median prices of home sales closed between January 1 and October 20 of 2023. It should come as no surprise to homeowners in California or New York that the two coastal states dominate the list. Atherton in San Mateo County, California, claims the top spot, with a median home sale price of $8.3 million so far this year. It’s followed by Sagaponack in Long Island, New York, where the median house also sells for over $8 million. 

It’s not the most expensive ZIP Code in America, but 90210 in Beverly Hills, California, is arguably the most famous. It appears fifth on the list. Santa Barbara, Palo Alto, and New York City also rank among the most exclusive places to live in the country. Miami Beach, Florida and Medina, Washington are the only spots outside of California and New York that make the top 25. You can read the full list below.

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The 25 Most Expensive ZIP Codes in the U.S.

  1. 94027// Atherton, CA
  2. 11962 // Sagaponack, NY
  3. 33109 // Miami Beach, FL
  4. 93108 // Santa Barbara, CA
  5. 90210 // Beverly Hills, CA
  6. 94970 // Stinson Beach, CA
  7. 11976 // Water Mill, NY
  8. 92661 // Newport Beach, CA
  9. 90402 // Santa Monica, CA
  10. 98039 // Medina, WA
  11. 92067 // Rancho Santa Fe, CA
  12. 94022 // Los Altos, CA
  13. 92662 // Newport Beach, CA
  14. 94028 // Portola Valley, CA
  15. 95070 // Saratoga, CA
  16. 92625 // Corona Del Mar, CA
  17. 90272 // Los Angeles, CA
  18. 94301 // Palo Alto, CA
  19. 10282 // New York City, NY
  20. 94957 // Ross, CA
  21. 94920 // Belvedere Tiburon, CA
  22. 94010 // Hillsborough/Burlingame, CA
  23. 95030 // Los Gatos, CA
  24. 10007 // New York City, NY
  25. 93921 // Carmel By The Sea, CA