This Map Shows You Where to Find the Best Cider Donuts in New England

Fall isn't complete without a fresh apple cider donut. Luckily, this map marking where the confections are sold throughout New England makes them easy to find.
Kevin Trimmer/Moment/Getty Images

From Halloween candy to pumpkin spice everything, sweet treats are easy to come by in the fall. Cider donuts are slightly harder to track down, but the seasonal confection is worth a detour. This interactive maps shared by NPR shows you where to find them across New England. 

Apple cider donuts get their autumnal flavor profile from cinnamon, nutmeg, and cider mixed directly into the batter. They’re particularly popular in the Northeast, where many family orchards have their own recipes. If you’re planning a leaf-peeping tour of New England this fall, making a pitstop to try one is nonnegotiable. 

Self-described “cider donuteur” Alex Schwartz began mapping cider donut locations throughout the region in 2020. Today, there are more than 350 points on the interactive map, each leading to a business that sells the treats during apple cider season. The New England Cider Donut Map includes a variety of options, from Dunkin’ Donuts to a small farm stand that leaves out a bag of donuts with your name on it upon request. Donut shops and bakeries are marked in purple, while the blue markers indicate farms and orchards selling donuts on the side. Schwartz includes notes and links to their reviews on Instagram with many of the entries. 

If you have the option, Schwartz recommends getting them from a farm instead of a supermarket bakery. “Like, if they make them hot and fresh directly in front of you at the orchard. That's a very different experience from buying them at a [grocery store chain like] Shaw’s when they're cold in a plastic box,” Schwartz told Sacha Pfeiffer on All Things Considered. As for the ideal dining experience, cider donuts are best consumed al fresco on a crisp autumn day. “I think it should be eaten slowly. Maybe close your eyes to feel the breeze and the wind and the crunchy leaves under your feet while you're eating the donut,” Schwartz suggests.

You can map out the ultimate cider donut roadtrip using the interactive tool above. If New England falls outside your range, Schwartz is considering expanding the map to other parts of the country—potentially in time for next year’s cider season.