New Apple Maps Update Makes It Easier to Navigate National Parks

This should make hitting the trails (and not getting lost) a bit easier.
Happy hiking!
Happy hiking! / Fly View Productions/E+/Getty Images

If you’ve been putting off that long-awaited trip to Yosemite (or any of the other 62 national parks in the United States), now’s the time to start planning. Apple’s iOS 18 update—which launches this fall—will include new features that cater to nature lovers. 

Apple already gave users the option to save portions of Apple Maps offline in their iOS 17 update, but this next one is even more exploration-friendly. As Travel + Leisure reports, with the iOS 18 update, hikers will be able to save national park trails and access them even when service isn’t available (which, if you’re an outdoor enthusiast, you know is far too often).

As if that wasn’t convenient enough, the update will also include a “Places Library” where users can mark down their favorite sites, restaurants, and any other spots that speak to them along their adventures; people can then compile those spots into custom walking routes that can be revisited at the tap of a button.

Other Exciting iOS 18 Additions

While this update is certainly going to be anticipated by those on the go, there are also plenty of other features included in iOS 18 that are worth mentioning. These include:

  • Increased Apply Pay functionality, including both the ability to use reward systems and payment installments.
  • “Tap to Cash” feature, wherein two Apple users can transfer funds simply by holding their phones near one another.
  • Complete revamping of Fitness+ with new “For You,” “Explore,” and “Favorites” sections.

Whether you’re a habitual hiker, fitness fanatic, or someone who always seems to forget their wallet at home, this update certainly has something to get excited about. 

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