Planning a Disney World Vacation? Here’s the Best Time to Visit the Park

Roberto Machado Noa/GettyImages

Walt Disney World is open year-round, even on Christmas and Thanksgiving. But just because you can visit the Orlando, Florida, theme park any day of the year doesn’t mean you should. If your travel schedule leaves room for flexibility, these are the best times to go to Disney World to get the most out of your trip.

According to Undercover Tourist, September is the perfect month to plan your Disney vacation if you want to avoid crowds. Kids make up a significant portion of the resort’s business, so attendance numbers go down after school starts. When families do choose to visit Disney World during the school year, most opt to do so in October or later once their kids have had a chance to settle into their classes.

The same reason the park becomes more pleasant in September makes it a tricky time to travel for people with children. But for childless adults looking to have a magical time, the beginning of the school year is ideal.

Weather is another factor to consider when planning a Disney excursion, especially at the Orlando park. The peak of Florida’s hurricane season starts in mid-August and lasts through mid-October, so in exchange for shorter lines, tourists risk wind, rain, and potentially cancelled flights if they book their trip in late summer or early autumn. If guests wait to come until January or February—after hurricane season and the winter holidays—they’ll be treated to the park’s cheapest ticket prices of the year. Flights are historically cheaper immediately following the holiday travel season as well.

Waiting slightly longer until spring means higher prices and bigger crowds, but it may be worth it for the weather. March through May is regarded as central Florida’s best season climate-wise, with relatively low humidity and rainfall and average high temperatures ranging from 75 to 85°F.

Choosing a date for your Disney World getaway is just the first step of the vacation. To optimize your trip once you arrive, check out these Disney theme park hacks.

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