28 WTF Facts About Animals

You’ll never look at these creatures the same way again thanks to the latest episode of The List Show.
Beware of poop bombs!
Beware of poop bombs! / Photos by E Dewar/Moment Open/Getty Images

Penguins are super cute, with their tuxedo-like patterns and their adorable little waddles, but you don’t want to stand on the wrong end of a penguin that needs to poop. Some species shoot “poop bombs” either horizontally or in an arc, depending on the species.

And if you think poop bombs are impressive, wait until you see a male panda pee. Male pandas are known to handstand while peeing to mark their territory because urinating while upside down lets them spray their scent higher onto a tree.

Penguin poop bombs and panda handstands are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to truly bizarre animal facts. Take butterflies, for example: Yes, they love a good pollinator garden. And though flowers do feed them, the insects have also been known to devour much less appetizing meals. Those beautiful butterflies have chowed down on blood, sweat, tears, pee, poop—and even rotting flesh.

Goats have accents, hippos sweat something that looks like blood, and mosquitoes love feet. In the latest episode of The List Show, host and Mental Floss editor-in-chief Erin McCarthy dives into 28 animal facts that are sure to make you go “WTF?”

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