Prince Hairy and Meghan Bark-le: See What British Royal Family Members Look Like as Dogs

Camilla, Canine Consort.
Camilla, Canine Consort. / (Portrait) Midjourney/Lords & Labradors; (Background) Pakin Songmor/Moment/Getty Images; (Frame) Tomekbudujedomek/Moment/Getty Images

UK-based luxury pet brand Lords & Labradors was bold enough to go where no anthropomorphic dog artist—as in, an artist of anthropomorphic dogs—has dared go before, all to solve a mystery that has no doubt plagued countless curious people for ages: What would the British royal family look like as dogs?

To answer that question, researchers enlisted Midjourney, an AI tool that has helped develop a cover image for The Economist and even won an art competition. Unsurprisingly, not everyone is thrilled at the notion of a bot getting good enough at art to snatch gigs and prizes from the hands of humans. But considering the drought of job listings and contests that involve portraying princesses as puppies, this particular endeavor seems pretty harmless.

Lords & Labradors gave the platform a written directive to reimagine seven modern royal family members in canine form, without specifying any breeds. The AI then carried it out by studying relevant images across the internet.

The artwork that bears the most unmistakable resemblance to its human inspiration is probably that of Camilla, Queen Consort, recreated as a basset hound whose face is framed by a very familiar blonde hairdo. The other portraits are actually quite subtle, looking much more like dogs than people—except for their apparel, and something uncannily human in their expressions.

See what the other royal family members look like in canine form below.

1. King Charles III

king charles iii as a dog
"Get me out of this collar." / Midjourney/Lords & Labradors

The UK's current monarch most closely resembles a Kerry Blue terrier.

2. William, Prince of Wales

prince william as a dog
This dog could rule a country. / Midjourney/Lords & Labradors

King Charles III’s elder son and eventual successor falls somewhere between a Labrador and a Hungarian vizsla.

3. Catherine, Princess of Wales

kate middleton as a dog
Interesting contouring. / Midjourney/Lords & Labradors

And Kate Middleton is pretty clearly a Cavalier King Charles spaniel.

4. Anne, Princess Royal

princess anne as dog
Is this dog making fun of you? / Midjourney/Lords & Labradors

This mix between a beagle and a springer spaniel has the signature smirk of Queen Elizabeth II’s only daughter.

5. Harry, Duke of Sussex

prince harry as a dog
Prince Hairy. / Midjourney/Lords & Labradors

Prince Harry seems to have some corgi in him.

6. Meghan, Duchess of Sussex

meghan markle as a french bulldog
You're wondering if the turtleneck comes in your size, aren't you? / Midjourney/Lords & Labradors

A French bulldog captures the charm and warmth of Meghan Markle.