The 10 Cars Most Likely to Get You a Speeding Ticket

Some makes and models stand a better chance of getting you in trouble than others.
The kind of car you drive can influence whether you speed.
The kind of car you drive can influence whether you speed. / Image Source via Getty Images

Ignoring the speed limit can come at a cost. On average, an American driver might pay roughly $150 for a speeding ticket, but that can increase depending on how fast one is going. A few miles over the limit could net you a warning; 30 miles over and your bank account is going to take a hit.

Usually we think of speeding as poor judgment on the part of a driver. But it’s possible the make and model of car you drive could be a factor, too. Recently, auto insurance hub Insurify analyzed data culled from more than 4.6 million insurance applications to track speeding tickets and determine their frequency among different types of cars. (Applying for auto coverage usually means disclosing any tickets or citations received.) Using their baseline of 7.1 percent as the national ticket average, they looked at brands whose owners had disproportionately higher ticket percentages.

It turns out that high-end luxury sports cars aren’t necessarily the worst offenders. Here’s what they found:

  1. Infiniti // 8.7 Percent
  2. Scion // 8.4 Percent
  3. Volkswagen // 8.3 Percent
  4. Subaru // 8.0 Percent
  5. Mazda // 7.7 Percent
  6. Audi // 7.6 Percent
  7. KIA // 7.6 Percent
  8. Honda // 7.5 Percent
  9. BMW // 7.4 Percent
  10. Hyundai // 7.4 Percent

The Infiniti series of cars was the most likely to get drivers pulled over. Overall, 8.7 percent of Infiniti owners in Insurify’s data received a ticket, well above the national mean. Those numbers reached even higher when looking at specific models. The Infiniti G37 had 10.7 percent of drivers reporting a citation.

The now-defunct Scion made by Toyota came in second, with 8.4 percent of drivers getting a ticket. The Scion FR-S was the worst offender, with 13.7 percent of owners caught speeding.

The most ticket-prone car on the list was the all-electric BMW i3, which had 17.6 percent of drivers getting ticketed.

Cadillac, Tesla, and Volvo all came in with below-average ticket numbers, at or under 5.4 percent. Volvo had just 2.7 percent of its drivers cited.

So what’s behind these cars attracting tickets? Many of the models feature nimble handling. The Audi S4, for example, which had 14.6 percent of owners nailed with a ticket, can go from 0 to 60 in 4.2 seconds; the Subaru WRX, another high-ticket offender, was inspired by a rally car. The performance of these cars likely provokes drivers into testing their limits and having some fun with their capabilities.

But indulging in those urges comes with risk. Obviously, speeding increases the chances of an accident. But it’s also more financially punitive that many people realize. In addition to the cost of the ticket, drivers can see their auto insurance premiums shoot up as the result of a citation.

The average cost of comprehensive coverage auto insurance annually is roughly $2000. One ticket can spike the premium 20 percent, or $400. While your car may tempt you into flooring it, remember that it doesn't come cheap.

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