Can You Spot All 10 Differences Between These Two Festive Offices?

Scroll for the full puzzle.
Scroll for the full puzzle. / Ciphr

If you subscribe to the belief that sitting in front of a computer all day is marginally more fun when there’s a Christmas tree in the corner (real or fake), we hope your office resembles the ones below. Set aside whatever email you’re writing and take a closer look—because the two images have 10 easily missable differences.

After you’ve done your darnedest to spot them all (along with one little elf lurking in both illustrations), scroll down to reveal the answers. 

Spot the Differences

ciphr spot-the-difference puzzle showing a christmas office
Find that elf. / Ciphr
ciphr spot-the-difference puzzle showing a christmas office
Hopefully it's not Christmas Eve in this image. / Ciphr

The images were created by Ciphr, a UK-based human resources software provider that tailors programs to fit each company’s needs. It won’t exactly send out a troop of holiday decorators to hang tinsel in your home office, but that might be for the best if you share the space with a mischievous cat.

According to Ciphr, the average time to locate all 10 differences is roughly 4 minutes—which is also about the length of Mariah Carey’s Christmas classic “All I Want for Christmas Is You.” The Queen of Christmas recorded the song in August, but that didn’t stop her from cranking the A/C and covering the studio in holiday decorations to simulate the proper seasonal vibe.

Feel free to press play on the song below if you want to soundtrack your search.

Answer Key

ciphr spot-the-difference puzzle answers showing a christmas office
Must be 1:50 a.m., judging by the sky. / Ciphr
  • The time on the clock has changed
  • Santa and his reindeer have disappeared
  • A snowflake is missing in the Merry Christmas sign
  • A light is missing from the top of the office window
  • A smoke cloud is missing from the chimney of the second house from the left
  • Light is shining through the upper left window of the first house on the left
  • A red bauble on the Christmas tree has turned blue
  • Part of the desk light's reflection is missing from the computer
  • Two fairy lights are missing from the Christmas tree
  • A polka dot is missing from the red Christmas gift