A Dive in the World’s Deepest Indoor Pool Is Not for the Faint of Heart

Dubai Has Built the World’s Deepest Pool
Dubai Has Built the World’s Deepest Pool / The B1M

Scuba gear lets adventurers visit stunning undersea locations, from centuries-old shipwrecks to coral reefs. But the ocean isn’t the only place drawing thrill-seeking divers. In 2021, one of the hottest scuba venues on Earth opened beneath the streets of downtown Dubai.

According to Travel + Leisure, Deep Dive Dubai is home to the world’s deepest indoor swimming pool. The pool plunges 196.9 feet beneath ground level and holds 14 million liters of water, making it nearly 50 feet deeper and four times bigger than the next largest diving pool.

Deep Dive Dubai is more than a big hole in the ground. The attraction is designed to look like a sunken city, with decaying streets and buildings for divers to explore. There’s even an arcade and car garage for unique photo ops using the 56 cameras stationed throughout the pool. Beneath the themed area is a 65-foot plunge shaft for the most skilled and daring divers.

You don’t need to be experienced with scuba to get your feet wet. First-time divers are welcome to explore the first 40 feet of the pool after a brief safety demonstration and practice swim. And if even a shallow dive sounds nerve-racking, you can watch other people take the plunge from behind one of the viewing windows (or just check out the video above).

Deep Dive Dubai is one of many record-breaking attractions located in the United Arab Emirates city. Dubai is also home to the world’s largest flower garden, and most famously, the tallest skyscraper on Earth.

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