Have $1 Million to Spend? Now’s Your Chance to Own Every Gaming System Ever Made

The $1 million collection would be right at home at Berlin's Computer Game Museum, pictured above.
The $1 million collection would be right at home at Berlin's Computer Game Museum, pictured above. / Sean Gallup/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Collecting video games can get expensive fast. In addition to buying the games and accessories themselves, collectors need room in their respective budgets for the consoles necessary to play them. If you're a gaming buff, you now have the opportunity to purchase every major game console ever made in one go—you just need to pay $1 million up front.

As Kotaku reports, French eBay user Kariaur has listed their comprehensive console collection on the online auction site for €984,000 (or approximately $1 million). It includes classics you may already have in your closet at home, like the original Xbox, Playstation, and Nintendo Entertainment System. But the real gems of the bundle are the special-edition models. Kariaur is selling hundreds of rare console variations, some of which were only available through contests originally. Of course, you don't need to play Pokemon on a Gameboy that looks like Pikachu's face, but it's nice to have the option.

The haul comprises some 2200 items, and amassing them was a long journey. According to Kotaku, Kariaur writes that they started collecting consoles in the early 1990s and had sold them all around the end of the decade. They began building the collection back up in the 2000s before taking a break in 2011 due to lack of time for tracking down rare pieces. On a trip to Tokyo in 2018, Kariaur was able to buy back most of the items they had sold previously, and now they're putting them up for sale again.

Even if you have $1 million to spend on this treasure trove of consoles, finding a place to store them all may pose a challenge. Kariaur suggests that the collection is well-suited for a museum. If you dream of opening a museum of gaming one day—or are willing to add an extension to your house—you can purchase the consoles here as long as they're still available.

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