This Battery-Operated Spice Grinder Is One of Oprah’s Favorite Things, and It’s on Sale

Get fresh spices with just the push of a button.
Get fresh spices with just the push of a button. / FinaMill / Amazon
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Looking to add a little more to your favorite recipes? Using different types of spices can help, but there's often a pretty big difference between fresh vs. pre-ground varieties, especially when it comes to taste. While there's no denying the convenience of pre-ground spices, some popular seasonings (like pepper and cumin) actually start to lose their flavor once they've been ground up. This is why some foodies prefer to crush their own whenever possible, in order to have the freshest spices for each and every dish.

Enter the FinaMill, a battery-operated pepper mill and spice grinder that's become a fan-favorite on Amazon, earning an impressive 4.6 out of five-star rating from nearly 1300 shoppers. In fact, it’s even Oprah-approved and made the media icon’s list of favorite things for 2022. This innovative device gives home cooks the chance to extract the utmost flavor from each spice with just the push of a button, and now for a limited time, it’s even on sale for $40 on Amazon (you just have to use the $5 off coupon on the page).

Here’s how it works: Simply add your favorite whole spice or seasoning—like peppercorn, Himalayan salt, dried minced garlic, or something else—to one of the two included reusable ProPlus Pods. Then push the FinaMill on top of the pod until it clicks into place and press the button on the top of the electric spice grinder to mill fresh spices when cooking. Want to switch it up? Just detach the pod and attach a new pod with a new spice within seconds. Meanwhile, you can adjust the coarseness of the grind with a simple twist to the device itself.

Amazon shoppers just love how convenient and easy it is to use. “Being able to change the pods with one hand and have fresh ground spices handy is incredible,” one satisfied user wrote. “Fresh ground spices always make a huge difference in cooking.” Another customer claimed it could be “good for arthritis,” and added: “I enjoy freshly ground salt and pepper and it has been painful to use a twisting grinder. This solves my problem.”

At $40 with the on-page coupon (was $45), the FinaMill spice grinder is great for novice and pro-level cooks alike, and it’s one of the fastest and easiest ways to add different spices to your meals with just one hand. As one delighted Amazon reviewer puts it, “[It's] a must-have in the kitchen! Convenient and classy. A grinder that will perfectly spike a kick on every food that you prepare in your kitchen!”