You Can Get a GoWISE Air Fryer for Just $47 Right Now

This air fryer can help you enjoy delicious, guilt-free versions of all your favorite dishes.
This air fryer can help you enjoy delicious, guilt-free versions of all your favorite dishes. / GoWISE/Wayfair/pashapixel/iStock/Getty Images

When it comes to food, we all have certain guilty pleasures. Whether it's a basket full of crispy fries or a bucket of hot wings, some dishes are just worth it, no matter how many calories are potentially at stake. Enter air fryers, which are almost like a proverbial magic wand for junk food lovers: These innovative devices (which aren't technically frying anything, just as an FYI) circulate hot air around whatever you put in them, and can quickly transform those contents into mouthwateringly crunchy feasts without all the heavy oil you'd have to contend with if you used a conventional deep fryer.

As kitchen gadgets go, air fryers are très chic these days with foodies and casual cooks alike praising them for their ability to make all those seemingly unhealthy (but still delicious) treats seem a bit more wholesome, because they weren't dipped into a vat of hot oil first. They're usually around $100 but fancier models, like the 4.8-star-rated GoWISE USA programmable air fryer, typically retail for higher than that. Yet right now, thanks to the savings going on during Way Day 2022, you can grab one for a steep discount—and when we say steep, we mean really, really steep.

GoWISE's popular 3.5-liter model is now on sale at Wayfair for $47, which is about 70 percent off its usual price of $150. It comes with eight preset functions, so you can make everything from fries and chips to cakes with the push of a button. As far as temperatures go, they can range from 170° F to 400° F in this air fryer, and you can set it to cook for up to 30 minutes at a time. There's even a special indicator built in that will tip you off when it's time to munch down.

You can't find a deal like this on the GoWISE anywhere else right now, and you can even grab larger units, like the 5.5-liter version ($85), on sale, too (although the discount isn't as good). More than 1100 Wayfair shoppers have tried the 3.5-liter option out and sing its praises. "Great little air fryer. It cooks everything super fast and crispy. Much healthier for us without all the grease and cooks in half the time of traditional ovens," raved one customer. Several others just appreciate that there's virtually no learning curve to the device. "Super easy to use, [and it] comes with a cookbook so making food and trying new recipes is cool. Also, it’s super easy to clean," wrote another.

If the thought of nibbling your way around a plate of juicy chicken tenders or gooey mozzarella sticks is enough to make your mouth water, do yourself a favor and invest in an air fryer. But especially, you'll want to grab this one while it's still marked down to such a low price, because much like Way Day 2022, this deal will vanish after tomorrow.