Hate Mopping Your Kitchen Floors? This iRobot Robot Mop Can Do the Job for You (And It’s on Sale)

Sick of mopping? Meet the gadget that can do it all for you.
Sick of mopping? Meet the gadget that can do it all for you. / iRobot / Amazon
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Why mop your hardwood floors and kitchen tiles when you can have a smart home robot mop do it for you? With the iRobot Braava Jet M6 (6110) robot mop, you can get rid of all kinds of stubborn messes, from sticky stains to yucky kitchen grease on hard household surfaces, thanks to its powerful and precise jet spray functionality. Now you can even get it for less, because it’s on sale for a huge discount for a limited time on Amazon.

On sale for $151 off the usual $450 price, the iRobot Braava Jet M6 (6110) features a tough cleaning mop to cut through spills and grime with ease. Additionally, it’s a Wi-Fi-connected smart home device, which means it maps your floors to accurately navigate throughout your home and will learn the difference between your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and living room. You can even program “Keep Out Zones,” like any carpeted rooms, so the robot mop will know to just stay away.

As a top-rated “Amazon’s Choice” device, it also boasts more than 7200 reviews from shoppers, many of which are glowing. “Works great! I love having clean floors,” raved one delighted shopper who gave this gadget a five-star rating. “With five dogs I never thought it would happen. Now I can always have clean floors. My plan is to run it every other day. I've run the robot mop a total of three times and still have water in the tank. It did a pretty good job of mopping.”

iRobot Braava Jet M6 (6110) Ultimate Robot Mop
This robot mop can even clean along corners and other hard-to-reach areas. / iRobot / Amazon

Many customers are also particularly happy with the smart tech features within this device. “The learning function to establish floor maps has worked terrifically well,” wrote another satisfied Amazon user. “Although I've had to keep dimmed lights on in the night, it took three runs, and established a perfect map of my floor area, even identifying virtual room demarcation lines that were highly accurate (our floor plan is continuous, and it still identified the kitchen, dining [room], living [room], bathrooms).”

At $299 (was $450), the iRobot Braava Jet M6 (6110) is an efficient and powerful machine with an impressive battery life of 150 minutes (two hours and 30 minutes) per charge. In fact, once it starts to run out of juice, the robot mop will automatically return to its charging dock for a quick re-charge. Grab it today on Amazon and you'll save $151, plus be on track to have cleaner floors heading into the holiday season.