Watch Elmo Call Out Julia Louis-Dreyfus’s Bad Language on the Set of ‘Sesame Street’ in This Resurfaced Clip

"What's the deal with curse words?"
"What's the deal with curse words?" / Andrew H. Walker/GettyImages

Sesame Street has hosted many celebrity guests over the decades, from Buzz Aldrin to Margaret Hamilton in full Wicked Witch of the West regalia from The Wizard of Oz. When Julia Louis-Dreyfus appeared on the children's television program in 1994, she received a special lesson from Elmo: Cursing on Sesame Street is unacceptable, even behind the scenes.

As Primetimer shared, a clip of the Seinfeld star using inappropriate language in front of Elmo and Zoe recently resurfaced on Twitter. In the video, the actress curses under her breath after flubbing a line during a take. Though there were no human children around, she was in the presence of two preschool-aged Muppets.

Elmo had the reaction you'd expect from a sassy Muppet monster. After accusing her of saying a bad word, he demanded five dollars as penance. Louis-Dreyfus joked that he would be "a rich Muppet at the end of this day." You can watch the full blooper above.

The puppeteers that bring the cast of Sesame Street to life are seasoned professionals, but even they make mistakes on occasion. Many of the outtakes that never make it to air stem from coordination issues, like falling off chairs or holding props incorrectly. But unlike the show's celebrity guest stars, the puppeteers of Sesame Street are less likely to add a dollar to the swear jar when they mess up.

[h/t Primetimer]