Ketchup Pops—the Summer Treat Nobody Asked For—Have Arrived


Regardless of how you feel about ketchup, there's no denying its ubiquity. The tomatoey accompaniment can be served with anything from steak to hot dogs. If you're of the mind that there's no food the condiment can't improve, this limited-edition treat from French's may appeal to you. To celebrate the first week of summer, the prepared food brand debuted Frenchsicles—popsicles that tastes like the stuff you put on your French fries.

As Food & Wine reports, the new frozen ketchup pops are a collaboration between French's and the Canadian ice pop brand Happy Pops. Like similar products, the recipe combines sugar with fruit—though not a fruit most people associate with dessert. According to French's, the pops pack a "savory tomato flavor [that] is perfectly balanced with a hint of salty sweetness."

The treats were much harder to find than a regular bottle of ketchup when they launched last week. French's distributed them exclusively in Canada, hosting pop-up giveaways in Vancouver; Toronto, and Leamington, Ontario, from June 22 through the 24. The company hasn't announced plans to bring its sweet-and-savory oddity to the wider market.

Adventurous ketchup fans who missed their chance to grab a free Frenchsicle can still make their own at home. According to French's online recipe, 3.25 cups of tomato juice, .5 cups of ketchup, and 2 teaspoons of hot sauce makes six servings. Just mix the ingredients together, pour the mixture into popsicle molds, and freeze for eight hours. We imagine the treat pairs well with Grey Poupon's mustard-flavored wine.

[h/t Food & Wine]