There Are Seven Differences Separating These Scenes—Try Spotting Them All

There are seven differences separating the messy closet scenes below. If you can spot them all in under a minute, you’re faster than 50 percent of people who tried the puzzle.
Half of people had trouble spotting all seven differences between these images.
Half of people had trouble spotting all seven differences between these images. / Hammonds Furniture

Some people have a talent for ignoring the messes in their home. If your eyes tend to glaze over when confronted with a disorganized space, the two images below may look close to identical to you. Study them harder though and you’ll find a number of differences setting the scenes apart. See how long it takes you to spot them all. 

The UK-based retailer Hammonds Furniture specializes in storage solutions custom-built to contain messes like the one pictured here. For this brainteaser, the company designed two versions of a chaotic closet with seven differences separating them. 

Closet brainteaser
Hammonds Furniture
Closet brainteaser
Hammonds Furniture

Some of the distinguishing features are obvious, while others may take a sharp eye to identify. According to Hammonds, about 50 percent of people struggle to find all the differences in under a minute. Take a close look at the drawers, clothing, and other items in the illustrations and see if you can beat that time. 

Picking just one hidden object out of a brainteaser is hard enough for most people. Finding seven key features may take you a while, so don’t feel bad if you can’t solve the puzzle in under a minute. If you can beat it in 60 seconds or less, you’re more observant than half of the people who accepted the challenged. 

Here’s a hint if you find yourself struggling: Look around the perimeter of the pictures for the major differences between them. To check your work, refer to the solution image below. You can find more tricky brainteasers here

The Solution

Closet brainteaser solution
Hammonds Furniture