The 10 Most Hackable IKEA Furniture Items

Time to get creative.
Time to get creative. / Xavier Lorenzo/Moments/Getty Images

IKEA furniture is like functional, oversized LEGO for adults. You can follow the illustrated instructions to assemble the piece as intended, or you can indulge your creative side and modify it into something different. For builders who think outside the flat pack box, here are the most hackable furniture items from the Swedish home goods brand.

To make the list below, MoneySuperMarket analyzed posts from, a resource for IKEA customers looking to deviate from the assembly guide. After noting the products used in the 1000 most recent posts, they determined the furniture pieces with the most potential modifications.

KALLAX is the most modular item in IKEA’s catalogue. It’s designed to be a shelving unit with eight compartments, but suggested 119 alternate configurations, including a bed and a room divider. In second place is the classic BILLY bookcase. Like KALLAX, its versatile shelves can be rearranged into a number of storage solutions. The PAX wardrobe, BESTÅ storage system, and IVAR shelving unit are also great options for customers looking to make the most of their purchase.

Though it’s not appreciated by everyone, IKEA’s build-it-yourself furniture is an important part of the brand. By selling shelves and bed frames in pieces, the company saves enough money on labor to keep their prices low. And that’s just one way consumers benefit: Research has shown that people place higher value on furniture they assembled themselves.

After checking out the full list of IKEA’s most hackable products below, you can read more facts about the Swedish retailer here.

The 10 Most Hackable Items of IKEA Furniture

  1. KALLAX // Shelving Unit
  2. BILLY // Bookcase
  3. PAX // Wardrobe/Closet
  4. BESTÅ // Storage System
  5. IVAR // Shelving Unit
  6. LACK // Wall Shelf
  7. METOD/SEKTION // Kitchen Cabinets
  8. TROFAST // Storage System
  9. LACK // Coffee table
  10. LACK // Side table