The World’s Most Popular Destination Wedding Locations, Mapped

A lot of people want to get married in India and Italy.
A lot of people want to get married in India and Italy. / Oleg Breslavtsev/Royalty-free/iStock via Getty Images

When two people announce their plans to get married, one of the first things loved ones want to know is where. Though some couples prefer to keep the celebration close to home, others opt for a more exotic setting to exchange their vows. Whether they’re home to tropical beaches or picturesque countrysides, this map shows the most popular locations for destination weddings in 2022.

Google data makes it easy to break down the general population’s wedding aspirations. After analyzing global search volumes for the query “wedding in + [destination],” determined India to be the world’s top wedding spot. It’s the most-searched-for locale in 38 countries across the globe, including Australia, Canada, Fiji, and the U.S.

Another hot place for couples looking to say “I do” is Italy. Twenty-eight countries Googled the romantic destination above all others as part of the wedding planning process. Turkey, Nigeria, France, and Greece also rank high on the list of popular destination wedding spots.

If you’re planning a wedding in a far-flung part of the world, you can see what locations the brides and grooms in your home country are considering on the map below. And if your plans don’t go farther than a Google search, it may be for the best: A 2019 report found that one third of guests invited to destination weddings may resent the marrying couple.

Map of the world's most popular destination wedding locations.