The 10 Most Popular Tourist Attractions in the U.S.

Tourist boat passes in front of Niagara Falls on U.S. side.
Tourist boat passes in front of Niagara Falls on U.S. side. / THEPALMER/iStock, E+

Tourist attractions tend to get a bad rap. They're often more crowded and expensive than the spots off the beaten path, but they're vacation mainstays for a reason. If you're not afraid to embrace your tourist status on your next trip, pay a visit to one of these popular destinations.

To determine the most visited tourist attractions in the U.S., analyzed the Google search data and Tripadvisor review scores of more than 1000 locations. Some sights are famous for drawing throngs of people from around the world each year, like Times Square in New York City.

If you're looking for peace and quiet, you may still enjoy a trip to one of the places below. The list includes several national parks, including the Grand Canyon in Arizona and Yellowstone in Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho. Amusement parks are also perennial crowd-pleasers, with Walt Disney World in Florida and Universal Studios Hollywood in California claiming spots in the top 10.

These attractions are bucket-list destinations for many, but some travelers prefer under-the-radar spots that are worth a detour. If Alabama's self-flushing latrine and Nevada's Clown Motel sound more appealing to you, check out these roadside stops in all 50 states and Washington, D.C.

  1. Grand Canyon // Arizona
  2. Times Square // New York
  3. Niagara Falls // New York
  4. Glacier National Park // Montana
  5. Yellowstone National Park // Wyoming, Montana, Idaho
  6. Walt Disney World // Florida
  7. Myrtle Beach // South Carolina
  8. Lake Tahoe // California
  9. Universal Studios Hollywood // California
  10. Statue of Liberty // New York