14 of the Most Valuable LEGO Minifigures

The brick-loving minifigs can command top dollar on the collector's market.
LEGO minifigures can be valuable, but they usually need a body to accompany their head.
LEGO minifigures can be valuable, but they usually need a body to accompany their head. / Dan Kitwood/GettyImages

While complete LEGO sets can command premium prices on the secondary market, you don’t necessarily need to have a mint-in-box LEGO offering to appeal to collectors. Single minifigures (or “minifigs”) can net you a tidy profit if they come from scarce sets.

As with any collectible, the condition of an item can have a dramatic effect on desirability. And while many LEGO minifigures come “loose,” or without packaging, some were offered in plastic blister packs or polybags. The prices cited below are for packaged items, as unopened figures are almost always more valuable than their loose counterparts.

With that in mind, take a look at 14 of the most valuable LEGO minifigs from Marvel, Star Wars, DC, and others in circulation, as recorded by LEGO price guide BrickEconomy.com and sales data from eBay.

San Diego Comic Con 2013 Spider-Man // $17,000

LEGO offered up this exclusive Spider-Man minifig (part of its Marvel Super Heroes line) to attendees of the 2013 San Diego Comic Con. But buying a ticket to the convention was hardly any guarantee of grabbing one: Only 350 were produced, and fans needed to win a raffle. BrickEconomy estimates its value in packaging to be roughly $17,000. One out of the package recently sold on eBay for $4789.

2. Mr. Gold // $10,000

The glowing Mr. Gold was part of LEGO’s Series 10 minifigure assortment in 2013. Like a rare baseball card, he was distributed sparingly and only 5000 were produced. BrickEconomy estimates his value to be around $10,000 if he’s still in a sealed foil pack.

3. Marvel Super Heroes Iron Man and Captain America 2012 Exclusive Preview Set // $9500

During the 2012 Toy Fair, attendees had a chance to score this rare two-pack of two iconic Marvel superheroes, which was limited to just 125 sets. While it was free at the event, you can expect to pay around $9500 today. A loose set was offered on eBay for $4250 but an undisclosed best offer was accepted.

4. Han Solo/Indiana Jones Transformation Chamber // $8500

We’re straining the definition of minifig here, as this is technically a play set. But the real draw is in the minifigures of Han Solo and Indiana Jones, which are posed on a platform that can be flipped so it appears one iconic Harrison Ford character is turning into the other. Limited to just 100 sets and distributed at a 2008 New York Toy Fair private party, it rarely comes up for sale. When it does, expect it to fetch around $8500.

5. San Diego Comic Con 2013 Black Suit Superman // $7400

Superman’s “death” in a sprawling 1992-1993 DC Comics storyline paved the way for his resurrection as a black-suited hero. LEGO released this limited-edition Superman in his emo spandex for the 2013 San Diego Comic Con. Only 200 sets were given out as part of a raffle, and the minifig now has an estimated value of up to $7400. One recently sold on eBay for $5400.

6. San Diego Comic Con 2013 The Hobbit Azog // $7000

The gruesome Azog from Peter Jackson’s Hobbit adaptation was another 2013 San Diego Comic Con exclusive, and only 100 were made. BrickEconomy lists a price of roughly $7000; one in the package sold on eBay for $3000.

7. San Diego Comic Con 2013 Spider-Woman // $7000

Unlike a lot of exclusive figures, this Spider-Woman from the 2013 San Diego Comic Con is the only one ever made of the Marvel character. Limited to 350 figures, it was initially raffled off at the con and it’s worth about $7000 now.

8. Classic Suit Miles Morales PlayStation 5 Exclusive // $2800

It was pretty difficult for collectors to get their hands on this 2020 PlayStation 5 promotional minifigure of Miles Morales, a.k.a. Spider-Man. Gamers had to complete the PS4 Spider-Man game in order to be eligible for the minifig, of which there are only 1650. BrickEconomy puts its value around $2800; some have popped up on eBay for around $1700.

9. Nuremberg Toy Fair 2005 Exclusive Star Wars Darth Vader // $2600

There are many LEGO Vaders, but only one with a light-up lightsaber that was given to collectors at the 2005 Nuremberg Toy Fair. Packaged in a polybag, it could sell for about $2600 if it’s in new and sealed condition.

10. Star Wars Boba Fett (Cloud City Playset) // $2600

LEGO’s 2003 Cloud City playset is a rare commodity that can sell for $7500 or more, making even individual loose figures from the set a valuable keepsake. This Boba Fett is worth about $2600, though a recent eBay sale closed at $1700.

11. Star Wars Gold Chrome-Plated C-3PO // $2500

The protocol droid got a special release in 2007, but collectors were never quite sure where he would pop up. LEGO put him in random Star Wars sets that year to commemorate the 30th anniversary of 1977’s Star Wars, and only 10,000 figures were released. BrickEconomy puts his value at $2500, and it goes for about that much on eBay: One recently sold for that price on the auction site.

12. San Diego Comic Con 2018 Sheriff Deadpool // $1500

This cowboy variant of Marvel antihero Deadpool was a 2018 San Diego Comic Con exclusive available via lottery. It goes for about $1500 on the secondary market.

13. Leicester Square Lester // $1180

This jaunty fellow was available to shoppers who attended the grand opening of a LEGO store in Leicester Square, London in 2016. There were only 275 released and attendees got a scratch-off ticket to see if they had won Lester. A polybagged version of the minifig is also available and it’s a lot more common. However, collectors are usually after the figure with the cardboard backing, and that runs about $1180.

14. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Shadow Leonardo // $900

It took some effort for collectors to score this Leonardo from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. It was given away to kids who dressed as the Turtles at select toy shops in the UK in 2013. Offered in a tin case, it sells for about $900. If you address the seller with the salutation “Cowabunga,” you can probably expect to pay a lot more.

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