7 of the Most Valuable Polly Pocket Toys From the ‘90s and Beyond

These pocket-sized toys are packed with plenty of cute surprises, but these vintage models from the ’90s and beyond could pack some serious cash into your wallet, too.
It's Polly's world—everything's just really small in it.
It's Polly's world—everything's just really small in it. / Mattel; Poligrafistka, DigitalVision Vectors Collection, Getty Images (background)

Once considered Barbie’s biggest toy rival back in the 1990s, Polly Pocket was a must-have for Millennials growing up; even Gen Z eventually got in on the playtime fun.

The tiny toy was first designed in 1983 by Chris Wiggs, who opted to make a doll house for his daughter in a powder compact case. In 1989, the toy started popping up in stores after Bluebird Toys, a UK-based toy company, licensed it (Mattel later jumped on board and began distributing it in the U.S. in the early ’90s).

Something about having a pocket-sized doll you could take anywhere you wanted was hugely appealing to young Millennials, and by the mid-'90s, Polly Pocket was one of the most popular toys for girls under 8 years old. (Of course, keeping all those microscopic pieces together was another story.)

But sadly, good things don’t last forever: In 1998, Mattel bought out Bluebird Toys, taking over the brand completely and making several changes, including changing the doll’s size so it was bigger and more like Barbie. They eventually embedded magnets in the hands and feet of the dolls and made their plastic clothing and accessories magnetic as well. It might have seemed like a good idea—until those magnets began falling out and kids started swallowing them, leading to a massive recall in 2006 of over 4 million sets. Six years later, the famous miniature doll was discontinued in the United States. 

While the toy enjoyed a pop culture resurgence in 2018 after Mattel brought it back into stores, there’s something about those bygone days of ‘90s-era Polly Pocket toys that’s hard to recreate. If you happen to still have your cherished collection from back in the day, you could be raking in serious coin. And with Mattel currently making a live-action Polly Pocket movie—not surprising considering their incredible success with the recent Barbie movie—there’s never been a better time to go looking in the attic for your old sets. So without further ado, below are some of the most valuable Polly Pockets today.

1. Polly Pocket Children’s Hospital (1995)

Polly Pocket Children's Hospital is pictured.
Courtesy of gileslover87 / eBay

The Polly Pockets that were made by Bluebird Toys between 1989 to 1998 generally have more value than those that were released by Mattel in the late 1990s and beyond, and this one from 1995 is no exception. True to Polly Pocket’s miniature size, this children’s hospital is only 4 inches by 4.5 inches by 2.75 inches.

However, that doesn’t mean it’s lacking in what a hospital needs: There are three floors contained within, so Polly and her friends can spend time in the reception area, care for the littlest ones in the nursery and use the examining room (which also contains a scale), or even relax in the rooftop garden and play area. There’s also a ramp, an elevator, and a wheelchair.

Polly has everything she needs to care for the littlest ones in her pocket-sized world. If you happen to have one that is complete and intact, you’ll be pleased to know that you could earn as much as $5000 for it on eBay. However, on average you can expect to only bring in about $300 or so.

2. Polly Pocket Partytime Surprise 30th Anniversary Edition Keepsake (2019)

Polly Pocket Partytime Surprise 30th Anniversary Edition Keepsake (2019)

While this set isn’t a ‘90s or ‘00s relic, it’s still a valuable commodity in the Polly Pocket universe. In 2019, Mattel released a 30th anniversary edition of the original Polly Pocket from 1989. Everything is just like it was in the one from your childhood, from the living room to the spinning dance floor, and even the tables and chairs for guests. You also get some bonus items, like a commemorative tiny magazine and keepsake box.

Although it‘s long gone from the shelves, if you have a complete, unused set, it could sell for up to nearly $1000 on eBay. Opened and in good condition, it will likely go for a humble $78.

3. Polly Pocket Birthday Party Stamper (1992)

Polly Pocket Birthday Party Stamper (1992)
Courtesy of pocketfulofpollyspocketfulofpollys / eBay

A Polly Pocket toy and a stamp set? If your inner child couldn’t be happier, you’re not the only one. Released in 1992 and now considered a big collector’s item, the heart-shaped compact hosts the ultimate birthday experience for Polly and her pals. The upper floor contains a bedroom set, living room, a puppet theater, and so much more. The lower floor features a garden table set for all the party-goers to enjoy. 

Got one with a relatively decent working stamper? You may be able to sell it for about £696 (around $845). On average though, most sets sell between $200 and $300 on eBay. But still, that’s called some pretty sweet birthday money.

4. Polly Pocket Alice in Wonderland Fantasy Fun (1996)

Polly Pocket 'Alice in Wonderland' Fantasy Fun (1996) is pictured
Courtesy of OnlyPollyPocket.com

You’ll go down an Alice-themed rabbit hole with this Disney Polly Pocket set. Closed, it shows the White Rabbit’s home overlooking a charming tea party and little stream. Once opened, you’ll discover a wonderland-inspired interior with a few delightful Queen of Hearts references (case in point: the trees). You even get four Polly Pocket-sized Alice in Wonderland characters, including Alice herself, the Queen of Hearts, the Mad Hatter, and White Rabbit.

Surprisingly enough, you don’t even need yours to be in pristine condition to profit off it. Disney Polly Pocket sets, which came out right in the middle of the Disney Renaissance, generally still hold a lot of value for collectors. Used and in good condition, this set has been sold for over $700 on eBay. Even accessories (like the tiny Alice) could be worth as much as $80 on the site.

5. Princess Polly Jewel Case (1997)

Princess Polly Jewel Case (1997)
Courtesy of OnlyPollyPocket.com

Polly gets the royal treatment with this Princess Polly set, which was released circa 1997. Inside of the fashionable jewel case, you’ll find Polly’s posh bedroom, her treasure chest where she hides her loot, and a place for her to dance in front of her mirror (because hey, who doesn’t?). On the lower floor, there’s a dining hall, golden gates to a garden, and even a pool.

While you may not be able to get your own palace by selling this Bluebird Toys classic, you can still make a pretty penny off it. Complete and in good used condition, one has recently sold for over £520 (or about $630) on eBay. 

6. Disney’s Peter Pan Neverland Playset (1997)

With this Disney Polly Pocket set, we venture back to Neverland with Peter Pan and the Lost Boys who never grow up. When it’s closed, you can see Neverland and Hook’s boat; fully open, you’ll discover a wide array of Peter Pan references, from Hook’s boat to Tick-Tock the Crocodile, and more. If you want, you can hang out with Wendy and her siblings in their bedroom, swing on a hammock with Peter Pan, go down on a slide with Michael or John, and more. 

A complete and intact set could go for about $450 on eBay; others have been sold for anywhere from $120 to $320. Considering Neverland isn’t exactly accessible in the real world, you’ll be able to purchase a lot of anti-aging skincare products with the extra dough you’ll get from parting ways with your set.

7. Polly Pocket Jewel Magic Ball Sparkle Surprise (1996)

Polly Pocket Jewel Magic Ball (1996)
Courtesy of forourjoe / eBay

While this treasured Polly Pocket isn’t exactly pocket-sized, there’s still a lot to love about it. Inside of this magic ball there are four rooms for Polly to hang out in with her friends. She can watch tiny ducks and a swan boat in the pond by her tree house, relax in a hammock inside the tree house, and even check out a birdhouse. Polly also has an actual bedroom and a treasure room to store all of her diminutive valuables.

If you have one that is complete and in good condition, you could potentially sell it for about $325 on eBay. Many others have been sold for about $200 to $300 as well.