Can’t Remember the Name of That Movie With That Actor That Takes Place In That City? There’s a Website for That

champja/iStock via Getty images // still: Buena Vista Home Entertainment

Do you remember the name of that horror movie from the 1980s—the one with the puppet that vomits leeches? No? Well, neither did I before using The tool works like Google for movies whose titles you can't recall. After typing "leech puppet horror 1980s" into the search field, the website confirmed that my memories of Puppet Master (1989) weren't the byproduct of a fever dream.

According to Teen Vogue, was created by the tech company Using data from raw video streams, the AI technology can identify thousands of movie traits, from hard variables like stars and locations to abstract qualities like themes and emotions.

The search engine works with however much or little information you have. Typing "fairy rainforest kids movie," for example, gives you Fern Gully: The Last Rainforest (1992), and asking "what movie did Mark Ruffalo star in with Reese Witherspoon?" brings up Just Like Heaven (2005).

The tool isn't 100 percent accurate—I had to turn to Google to learn that the weird baby dinosaur movie I watched in the '90s was called Prehysteria! (1993). But if the name of a film is on the tip of your tongue, the website is a great resource. It's also a quick way to resolve arguments with friends. Searching "genie '90s comedy" confirms the existence of Kazaam (1996) starring Shaq, while Shazam starring Sinbad is nowhere to be seen.

You can try searching yourself at If it's a forgotten song you're looking for, this online tool may be of service.

[h/t Teen Vogue]