Oscar Mayer Is Hosting Free Wienermobile Weddings in Las Vegas

Couples can tie the knot at the "Wienermobile of Love."
Couples can tie the knot at the "Wienermobile of Love." / Oscar Mayer

In the age of social media, there’s more pressure than ever to make your wedding stand out. That won’t be a problem for the couples exchanging their vows in front of the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile parked at the Little White Chapel in Las Vegas this weekend. 

As Food & Wine reports, the hot dog-shaped vehicle will serve as a wedding backdrop on Saturday, April 15, and Sunday, April 16. Any ceremonies taking place there will have to be planned at the last minute, which the Little White Chapel is famous for. The Las Vegas institution has been offering on-demand weddings (often officiated by their house Elvis impersonators) since 1951. 

The Wienermobile is a limited-time addition to the chapel. Couples looking to get married there this weekend can reach out through Oscar Mayer’s website and claim their 30-minute time-slot. Because there’s no waiting period to obtain a marriage license in Las Vegas, the venue is open to spur-of-the-moment elopements. Hotdoggers—a.k.a. Wienermobile motorists—will be on hand to serve as witnesses, groomsmen, bridesmaids, or general emotional support.

Oscar Mayer is covering all the onsite costs, including a photographer to capture the big day. But getting hitched in front of the Wienermobile isn’t totally free; a Nevada marriage license will set couples back by $102. Though, considering the cost of the average wedding today is about $30,000, that’s a pretty sweet deal for a wedding that’s impossible to forget.

[h/t Food & Wine]