Our Place Just Released a New Ovenware Set, and It’s Just as Versatile as the Bestselling Always Pan

These will look great next to your Always Pan.
These will look great next to your Always Pan. / Our Place
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Among home chefs, Our Place is well known for its popular Always Pan, which comes in cast aluminum or cast iron and is designed to replace up to eight pieces of cookware. Over the last several months, the brand has rolled out some other cool stuff, including the Perfect Pot (with is like the Dutch oven equivalent to the Always Pan) and a collection with Selena Gomez. Now, Our Place has added something new to the mix: An ovenware set bakers are sure to love.

This five-piece assortment comes with everything you'll need to bake, roast, and braise with the best of them, including an oven pan, three baking dishes, and a fully reusable oven mat. Altogether, the brand claims these pieces can replace up to nine items, such as your sheet pan, casserole dish, loaf or lasagna pan, and even single-use parchment paper.

Three Our Place oven pans from the new ovenware set, in green, charcoal, and blue.
You can roast vegetables and do so much more with this set. / Our Place

Like the rest of Our Place's cookware, this set could be wonderful if you live in an apartment or small home where kitchen cabinet space is limited, because beyond replacing so many items, all of this ovenware is fully stackable for easy storage. Not only that, but each piece is made using the brand's signature nontoxic, nonstick ceramic coating, and you can choose from five colorways: blue salt, char (which looks like charcoal), sage, spice (soft coral), and steam (a creamy oatmeal hue).

The oven pan that's included here is particularly impressive, as you can use it for simple baking tasks like making cookies and roasting vegetables, or you can put it to work on your stovetop as a griddle, ideal for whipping up stacks of pancakes and other delicious breakfast foods.

You can get the new ovenware set for $195 at Our Place now, but keep in mind that because this line was just released, shipments won't go out until early July. While you wait, consider boning up on new recipes or check out the real reason why baking makes people feel happier, according to experts.