This Company Will Turn Your Pet Into an Adorable Stuffed Animal

A living dog with their custom plush counterpart.
A living dog with their custom plush counterpart. / Petsies

Many pet parents are guilty of treating their real animals like stuffed animals, whether they dress them in cute outfits or snuggle with them in bed. Now you can take some of the pressure off your pet by getting an actual plushie that looks just like them.

Petsies sells custom plush dolls that capture the unique details of your furry family member. All you need to start the process is a picture of your pet. After uploading the photo to Petsies, a team of designers will get to work crafting your huggable, high-quality toy. Each plushie is unique, right down to the markings airbrushed to match your animal’s coat.

Real dog with stuffed toy counterpart.
Twins! / Petsies

Dogs and cats are the most popular candidates for plushification, but Petsies doesn’t discriminate. The company has also made stuffed toys of pigs, horses, birds, bunnies, rats, and guinea pigs. The custom items are available in three sizes—mini (10 inches), regular (16 inches), and large (24 inches). That means for many pets, their low-maintenance counterpart will be actual size.

Real pig with stuffed toy counterpart.
Pigs can get plushies, too. / Petsies

Because of the attention to detail that goes into each product, a single order can take six to eight weeks to deliver, and during the holidays, the process may take even longer. Petsies sends email updates to customers every step of the way as they await the arrival of their pet’s plush clone.

Real cat with stuffed toy counterpart.
They’ll get your pet’s unique markings. / Petsies

Pricing varies for each project, with the smallest orders starting at $199. You can see more of their work and purchase a plush pet of your own on Petsies’ website.