Hundreds of Canned Coffee Products Recalled Over Botulism Fears

Canned coffee manufacturer Snapchill just issued a massive recall—here’s what to know.
Don't crack open a cold coffee before you check the label.
Don't crack open a cold coffee before you check the label. / Krit of Studio OMG/Moment/Getty Images

It’s in your best interest to check the label of any canned coffee you have at home before drinking it. As Tasting Table reports, Snapchill LLC just recalled hundreds of products in this category due to botulism concerns.

What Products Are Recalled, and What Should You Do With Them?

The recalled products come in metal cans that contain between 7 and 12 ounces of liquid. They’ve been sold under dozens of different brand names (as well as various product names within those brands), all of which you can find in this PDF issued by the FDA. Bent Tree Coffee, Coffee Hound, Fire Grounds, Intelligentsia, Red Rooster, and Wild Goose Coffee are few of the brands impacted by the recall.

The easiest way to tell if you should toss your canned coffee is to look for the line “Produced and distributed by Snapchill LLC” beneath the nutrition facts. If you see it, the FDA recommends that you destroy the product or, if you want a refund, return it to wherever you bought it “with appropriate proof of purchase including a picture of the product(s) before being destroyed.”

What Is Botulism, and What Causes It?

Botulism, per the CDC, is “a rare but serious illness caused by a toxin that attacks the body’s nerves,” which causes “difficulty breathing, muscle paralysis, and even death.” Other symptoms include general weakness, dizziness, double vision, trouble speaking or swallowing, abdominal distension, and constipation. These can manifest anywhere from six hours to two weeks after exposure. The toxin itself is mainly produced by Clostridium botulinum, a bacterium known to grow in low-oxygen or low-acid environments—like a sealed can of foodstuff.

While strict protocols are in place to keep botulinum toxins out of all regulated canned goods, canned coffee company Snapchill failed to file its manufacturing process with the FDA. In other words, the products have been sold without the FDA’s first having verified that they were made in a way that prevents the growth of botulinum toxins. While no known cases of botulism have been reported in connection to the canned beverages, there’s a possibility that some of them do contain the toxins. To be cautious, Snapchill voluntarily recalled the at-risk products.

If you're experiencing symptoms of botulism, the FDA recommends seeking immediate medical attention.

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