Solo Stove’s Popular Smokeless Fire Pits Now Come In Metallic Colors

Solo Stove’s smokeless fire pits use increased airflow to produce a clean, efficient burn. Now their classic Ranger, Bonfire, and Yukon fire pits are available in new metallic colors that reflect starlight and flickering flames.

These new fire pits can be a great way to keep your outdoor space feel inviting year-round.
These new fire pits can be a great way to keep your outdoor space feel inviting year-round. / Solo Stove
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As the nights get colder and longer, your home’s outdoor spaces may look less inviting. Investing in a fire pit is one way to ensure your deck or patio doesn’t close for the season once the summer ends. If that fire pit is smoke-free, long nights spent around the campfire will become even more appealing. 

Solo Stove specializes in smokeless fire pits, camping stoves, and pizza ovens, and the brand recently launched a new collection of fire pits in metallic colors. The stove consists of a double-walled stainless steel cylinder that’s raised off the ground, making it safe for wooden decks and backyards. Increased airflow through holes in the top and bottom of the canister contribute to a clean, high-oxygen burn that produces minimal smoke and debris. Whatever ash is left at the end of the night is easily disposed of by removing the detachable base plate and ash pan—a new feature for the product.

Green metallic Solo Stove fire pit.
These fire pits produce minimal debris and are virtually smokeless. / Solo Stove

In addition to the classic colors, select Solo Stove fire pits are now available in three new shades: bronze metallic, cascade metallic, and gunmetal metallic. The new paint jobs are infused with metallic flakes designed to reflect the flickering fire on dark nights. 

Men in winter clothes laughing around Solo Stove fire pit.
An excuse to cozy up by the flames. / Solo Stove

You can choose from three models. There’s the best-selling Bonfire, which is on sale for $240 (down from $345, so you’ll save $105) and measures 17.5 inches tall and 19.5 inches wide; then there’s the hefty Yukon, perfect for backyard gatherings at 19.8 inches high and 27 inches wide and which is currently marked down right now to $460, for a savings of $115. Want something small enough to fit on a tabletop? The Mesa ($80) can get the job done.

You can browse Solo Stove’s latest fire pit designs and more of their smokeless gear on the brand’s website. If you’re more interested in building a fire at a campsite than behind your house, here are more essential items you should pack for your next outdoor excursion.