Keep Your Cooking Essentials in Reach With This Easy-to-Use Magnetic Shelf

StoveShelf / StoveShelf/The Grommet
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Having your cooking essentials within reach makes dinner prep a lot easier to manage, especially during the workweek and if you have limited kitchen counter space. Now, you can keep those staples nearby without adding more clumsy storage solutions to your home, thanks to this convenient magnetic shelf that sits on top of your stove.

The aptly named StoveShelf is a simple, practical accessory to add to any kitchen. It requires minimal effort but can help declutter your countertops and provide easier access to everyday cooking items you need to use. The shelf attaches to your stove's control panel via silicone-covered neodymium magnets, which are among the strongest ones commercially available. This means you won’t need to buy sticky putty or break out the drill to hook it all up. In addition, you can reposition the magnets on the StoveShelf to fit your specific appliance—and because they’re encased in silicone, they won’t leave a mark on the surface.

Person lifting up the StoveShelf from the top of a stove
StoveShelf / StoveShelf/Amazon

The StoveShelf comes in 20-, 24-, and 30-inch sizes for you to choose from, and all of the versions have a width of 3.5 inches and a height of 1.5 inches. This tool can adhere to flat and slightly curved top control panels, and you can choose from brushed stainless steel, black, or white varieties.

The product has over 14,000 reviews and a stellar 4.7-star rating on Amazon, with many people praising how easy it is to use and how it adapts to different stove setups. “[The moveable magnets] allowed me to place them perfectly for maximum hold because my [stove] top was slightly curved,” one reviewer wrote. However, one reviewer brought up the fact that the magnets actually interfered with the oven control buttons, causing them to malfunction. The problem solved itself when the magnets were moved further away from the controls, but it's worth being a bit careful when initially placing them.

Check out the $40 StoveShelf on Amazon to save yourself some countertop space.