The Hidden Link Between 'Succession' and David Fincher's 'The Game'

Decoding Succession's Opening Credits
Decoding Succession's Opening Credits / Now You See It

HBO’s programming has been known to inspire passionate fandoms. Unlike Game of Thrones or The Last of Us, however, Succession doesn’t have pre-existing source material for fans to dig into—but that hasn’t stopped them from dissecting the show itself for homages and Easter eggs.

In the video above, the YouTube channel Now You See It examines the connection between Succession and David Fincher’s 1997 thriller The Game. Both stories center on wealthy men who suffer from strained relationships with their family members. These dynamics play out differently in the two titles: In Succession, a media titan’s children are vying to inherit his legacy; in The Game, an investment banker is estranged from his younger brother. Viewers wouldn’t necessarily draw a link between the two if it weren’t for their opening credits. 

Both Succession and The Game open with home video clips of a rich family, and some shots are too similar to be a coincidence. In both credits sequences, a father in a suit is shown leaving his son’s side after posing for a picture. Later the same father figures are recorded standing in front of a window with their back to the camera. 

Succession’s opening is an obvious homage to Fincher, but as the video explains, it does more than copy the director’s style. By contrasting the warmth of the analog format with the coldness of the family on screen, the show does something different with the familiar setup. Stitching shots of present-day New York together with old home movies is another way Succession plays with expectations. 

You can watch the full analysis above. If you’re looking for more content to dissect as Succession barrels toward its series finale, you can read facts about the HBO drama here.