Quiz: Can You Guess the Summer Jobs of These Future U.S. Presidents?

We all have to start somewhere.
Marshall/Liaison Agency/Getty Images (seal), ahmad agung wijayanto/Shutterstock (question marks)

Do you have designs on becoming president? You might want to consider a career in law. Roughly 60 percent of all U.S. presidents were lawyers before taking on the role of commander-in-chief, a surprisingly consistent vocational background for the highest office in the land.

Before pursuing higher education, however, presidents were like any other kids: They held down a summer job. See if you can match the future POTUS to their side hustle as teens.

Presidents don’t really need to worry about earning an income following their time in office. They receive an annual pension of at least $200,000 as well as other perks courtesy of the Former Presidents Act, which Dwight D. Eisenhower passed in 1958 after ex-President Harry Truman claimed to be struggling financially. (In fact, Truman was relatively well off.)

Of course, the stature of being a world leader is usually enough to earn some cash. In 2017, Barack and Michelle Obama signed a book deal worth a reported $65 million.

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