Someone Created a Titanic-Scented Candle Complete With a Mini Iceberg and Sinking Ship—Here's Where to Get It

Titanic-Scented Candle
Titanic-Scented Candle / J.D. and Kate Industries/Amazon
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Though the R.M.S. Titanic sank over a century ago in the frigid North Atlantic waters during the early hours of April 15, 1912, the story still fascinates many, inspiring films, books, and exhibitions to this day. If all that assorted media isn't enough, now you can attempt to recreate a bit of that night in your home with a $24 Titanic-scented candle.

This handmade piece of home décor was crafted by J.D. and Kate Industries on Amazon. Inside, the candle houses a blue wax ocean, along with the tip of a white iceberg and a model of the Titanic that’s in the process of sinking to the ocean floor. The candle’s tin notes fun facts about the enormous ship, such as how fast it was traveling when it collided with the iceberg (about 28 miles per hour, according to the packaging).

J.D. and Kate Industries Titanic-Scented Candle on a white background.
Titanic-Scented Candle / J.D. and Kate Industries/Amazon

The 14-ounce candle, which is from a soy wax blend, doesn't smell like smoke, iron, or snooty first-class passengers; instead, it's mainly supposed to smell like water. The artisans note that the smell is faint but one you can “enjoy while you quietly contemplate tragedy,” as Titanic obsessives tend to do. Each candle is hand-poured in St. Louis, Missouri, by J.D. while Kate packs them for shipping. You can also get the candle gift wrapped with a cute nautical-themed twine and anchor detail.

This candle may not have many reviews, but almost all the customers gave it a five-star rating. One reviewer loved the candle’s scent and the facts dotted around the tin, while another found it hilarious. “My [son’s] obsessed with the [Titanic]. [He’s going] love it.”

Check out J.D. and Kate Industries’ Titanic-scented candle ahead of Titanic Remembrance Day on April 15. While there, look at the artisans’ other candles based on historical events like the War of 1812.