How Fast Can You Spot the Wedding Invitation in This Hidden Object Image?

Scroll down to see the full image.
Scroll down to see the full image. / QUIZ

The image below, created by UK-based women’s apparel retailer QUIZ, looks a lot like a bride’s dressing room as she and her bridesmaids get ready for the big day. Hidden among all the flowers and other wedding accoutrements is the envelope from a wedding invitation—which, let’s say, the photographer needs in order to snap the perfect details shot.

Can you find it before it’s time for the walk down the aisle? Scroll on to see the image and the answer key below it.

Spot the Wedding Invitation

hidden object image: find the wedding invitation
Portrait of a wedding dressing room. / QUIZ

Celebrating your love for your partner by throwing a massive party attended by all your friends and family is an undeniably romantic concept—and many wedding traditions seem to play into this sense of romantic grandeur. But you might be surprised to find out how many of them started out as shameless marketing tactics.

The popularity of diamond engagement rings, for example, was pretty much pioneered by diamond company De Beers in the 1940s as a way to offset its profit losses from the Great Depression. And Marshall Field’s led the charge to make bridal registries a must-have back in the 1920s. 

You can thank Queen Victoria for causing the white wedding dress to catch on in a big way. Historians believe that her choice to don white was less about showcasing her purity than her wealth; at the time, bleached garments were expensive.

The lost wedding invitation is circled in the answer key below. Eager for more wedding-themed hidden object games? Try to spot the engagement ring here and the black bow tie here.

The Solution

hidden object image wedding invitation answer key
You saved the day! / QUIZ