These Last-Minute Halloween Deals From Amazon Are Your Chance to Save Big on Costumes, Horror Movies, and More

There’s nothing spooky about the prices on these Halloween must-haves.
This Jack appreciates a good bargain or two.
This Jack appreciates a good bargain or two. / Viviane Moos/GettyImages

Given that Halloween has been front and center in stores and online since the end of the summer, you’d be forgiven for thinking the holiday has already passed at this point. But in fact, the big day doesn’t hit until next Tuesday, which means not only is there still time for you to enjoy all your favorite parts of the season—from carving pumpkins to getting up to a bit of mischief with pals—but there’s still a chance you can save on some spooky stuff, too.

Over on Amazon’s Halloween hub, you can find discounts on everything from top-rated costumes to horror flicks, decorations, and more. And because Prime members have same-day, one-day, and two-day delivery options from the retailer working to their advantage, there’s a good chance you might even get some of these marked-down finds before October 31 arrives.

3D Bat stickers from Fashionwu
These bats don't gotta be flying out of hell to be creepy. / Fashionwu / Amazon

Case in point: you might want to take a peek at the costume section. You can find some styles—like this adult-sized, original T-Rex inflatable costume or this Supergirl one—on sale for nearly half-off. There are also accessories like witch hats ($20), Top Gun-inspired bomber jackets ($50), and elf shoes ($10) available at bargain-level prices, not to mention wigs, fake beards, masks, and more.

On the décor side of things, you’ll be venturing into a veritable pumpkin patch-sized assortment of Halloween deals. From flameless LED candles ($30) and 3D bat stickers ($3) to pumpkin icicle lights ($12), inflatable outdoor creatures ($28), and beyond, these decorations will definitely help your place look like the most petrifying one on the block.

Cover of "Night of the Demons" (1988) on Blu-ray, from Shout Factory.
Angela is having a party—but you'll probably have a better time if you check it out from the comfort of your couch. / Shout Factory

If, for you, Halloween means a scary horror marathon or two, these 13 Days of Scream Factory deals are worth proceeding to directly (and ASAP). Sure, you can find classics like 1982’s Halloween III: Season of the Witch ($14) and the Friday the 13th Collection ($90) at cheaper-than-usual prices, but you can also save on lesser-known gems from the genre, like 1988’s Night of the Demons, about a group of teens who raise hell—literally—in an abandoned funeral parlor on Halloween night. You can also get flicks like 1980’s Motel Hell, 1981’s Ghost Story, 1990’s Tales From the Darkside: The Movie, and others for less. For gorehounds who don't exactly trust the algorithms on major streaming platforms and prefer to build their own Blu-ray collections, a sale like this is exactly the time to grab a few more new entries for the home library.

Even if you don’t manage to get everything in your cart before October 31, look on the bright orange side of things: You’ll have a leg (or skull and bone, to keep things on theme here) up on everyone else come next year. And considering that Halloween season more or less starts by the end of August now, that means you’ll get plenty of mileage out of whatever you manage to scoop up while the gettin’s good.