11 of the Best Cleaning Products Under $15 You Should Be Using at Home

Now you can tackle even the most surprising messes that appear in your home.
Now you can tackle even the most surprising messes that appear in your home. / Mr. Clean/Amazon
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From robot vacuums to electric mops, there are lots of bestselling gadgets that can help you clean your home quickly and more efficiently, but there's a trade-off: These devices are often very expensive.

Instead of spending precious time—and money—on these high-powered tech items, consider getting yourself affordable tools to make the most common household chores go by even faster. Whether you’re dusting blinds or scrubbing toilets, the 11 cleaning products below can help you cross a few tasks off your to-do list. Best of all, they're under $15.

1. OXO Good Grips Soap Dispensing Dish Brush; $12

OXO Good Grips Soap Dispensing Dish Brush sitting on a marble kitchen countertop next to a sink
OXO Good Grips Soap Dispensing Dish Brush / OXO/Amazon

Tired of gripping that bottle of detergent with wet hands when your sponge runs out of soap? Try this two-in-one OXO brush, which combines these elements into one compact tool. The device’s handle stores the soap and has a button that, when pressed, seamlessly dispenses it into the brush’s bristles for you. You can even use this on nonstick pots and pans without worrying about leaving scratches behind. If you have really caked-on messes, try using the scraper on the backside to lift them off.

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2. Affresh Dishwasher Cleaner, Pack of 6; $9

Affresh Dishwasher Cleaner on a white background
Affresh Dishwasher Cleaner / Affresh/Amazon

Once you've rinsed off your dishes, chances are you'll use a dishwasher to make them sparkle even more. These dishwashing cleaner tablets from Affresh break down limescale and mineral deposits that can build up over time within the machine, so your appliance runs more smoothly. Each packet comes with six septic-safe tablets that you can use even when you have plates and bowls inside the dishwasher. Just place one tablet into the unit and run a normal cycle. During the wash, the cleaner starts clearing out any gunk in the pump, valve, tub, and internal hoses. For the best performance, the brand recommends using the tablets once a month.

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3. HIWARE Window Blind Cleaner; $8

Person using a HIWARE Window Blind Cleaner on their window blinds
HIWARE Window Blind Cleaner / HIWARE/Amazon

Dust can build up anywhere, but blinds and window shutters can be like magnets for it. Luckily, this gadget from HIWARE is designed to clear it all away from tough-to-reach areas. It has three radian arms wrapped in microfiber cloth, so you can swipe the tops and bottoms of window blinds and shutters, air conditioner slats, and car vents. Once the microfiber sleeves get really dirty, just pop them off, slip them in the washer, and they'll be good to reuse later.

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4. FURemover Pet Hair Remover Carpet Rake; $13

Person using a FURemover Pet Hair Remover Carpet Rake a rug with dog hair
FURemover Pet Hair Remover Carpet Rake / FURemover/Amazon

Pets can be great additions to any family, but they also shed a lot of fur. The FURemover rake is a fan-favorite on Amazon and it can be useful if you're feeling overwhelmed by the amount of hair your four-legged friend leaves behind on rugs and furniture. The natural rubber bristles pick up stray hairs from a variety of surfaces, including hardwood floors, carpets, and tile. The broom even has a built-in squeegee edge for spills and a telescopic handle that extends up to 5 feet.

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5. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, Pack of 10; $11

Person using a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser on a kitchen stovetop with a mess
Mr. Clean Magic Eraser / Mr. Clean/Amazon

Since the launch of the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser in 2003, the product has become an extremely popular option for folks looking to get rid of tough, caked-on stains and stubborn messes around the house. This pack of 10 erasers can be used practically anywhere, including on walls, oven doors, bathtubs, and even tires. All you have to do is wet the sponge with water, ring out any excess liquid, and start scrubbing.

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6. Vastar Drain Snake, Pack of 4; $5

Four Vastar Drain Snakes next to one being used in a sink with hair coming out.
Vastar Drain Snake / Vastar/Amazon

Over time, sinks and shower drains get clogged. Unless you want to call a plumber every time that happens (hard pass, thanks), consider using a drain snake. This pack comes with four nearly 20-inch long snakes that will help you clear away obstructions as they occur. Each has a handle on one end and barbs running down the sides to catch hair and other wedged-in detritus. They’re made of flexible plastic so that they can loop around any bends your drains might have, too.

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7. Simple Life Toilet Bowl Cleaner; $15

Simple Life Toilet Bowl Cleaner box, applicators, and flowers on a white background
Simple Life Toilet Bowl Cleaner / Simple Life/Amazon

Instead of scrubbing your toilet bowl with soap and a brush, have it clean itself with each flush by sticking these colorful, flower-shaped stamps on the inside. This set comes with four syringe-like applicators and gel packs in two scents: ocean spray and springtime. The cleaner fluid inside the capsules can create up to 32 pretty floral stamps, and just one can last up to 14 days in the toilet. Overall, the full set can give you enough cleaner to last almost five years if used one at a time.

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8. The Pink Stuff Cleaning Paste; From $5

The Pink Stuff on a white background
The Pink Stuff / Star Drops/Amazon

Even though it’s been around since 1938, The Pink Stuff is a multipurpose cleaner that, like many Amazon products, has recently caused a sensation on TikTok. This so-called “miracle cleaning paste” can be used indoors on everything from bathroom tile to laminate floors; you can also put it to use outdoors to clean barbecue grills, car rims, and other heavy-duty surfaces. Though you might think the Pink Stuff has lots of chemicals in it because it can make short work of stains and grime, it's actually non-toxic and is formulated using only natural ingredients like water, quartz, and sodium carbonate (also known as washing soda).

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9. Cosywell Mop Slippers, Pack of 10; $13

Person wearing Cosywell Mop Slippers on their shoes
Cosywell Mop Slippers / Cosywell/Amazon

While you’re walking to the kitchen for your first cup of coffee on a Saturday morning, you can now clean your floors at the same time, courtesy of these mop slippers. These 10 brightly colorful mop heads can be used on the ends of brooms or wrapped around your shoes. They’re made from chenille fiber, a fuzzy yet durable fabric that's also great for shining reflective surfaces like glass windows, or even washing your car.

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10. Angry Mom Cleaners, Pack of 2; $13

Two Angry Mom Cleaners on a white background
Angry Mom Cleaners / Keledz/Amazon

The kitchen might be the heart of your home, but it can also be ground zero for all kinds of spills, especially inside refrigerators and microwaves. This two-pack of Angry Mom cleaners can help with both problem areas, and you'll get one specifically for the microwave and another for the fridge. To use the microwave version, just add vinegar and water inside the gadget and warm it up for seven minutes inside the machine. The steam from the mixture will help loosen any crusted-over stains, which you can then easily wipe away. For the fridge, simply add baking soda inside the Angry Mom and place it on a shelf inside the appliance—this mitten-clad mama will do the rest.

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11. Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifying Bags, Pack of 12; $13

Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifying Bags hanging up in a closet with clothes
Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifying Bag / NEWBEA/Amazon

Bad smells don’t stop in the kitchen. They can also seep into other areas around your home, like your closet and bathroom. One potential solution to this issue is to hang up bamboo charcoal purifying bags. Each bag has about 70 grams of bamboo charcoal inside it, and could help get rid of any smelly odors. You can even place these bags in your shoes or next to a litter box. The brand recommends setting the bags in the sun for one hour per month to reactivate the charcoal.

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