You Can Finally Make Your Own Custom Funko Pop! Figurine Online

Should your Pop!pleganger have a lightsaber, a cape, a dog, a cat, or all of the above?
Your desk needs a mini-me.
Your desk needs a mini-me. / Funko
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There seems to be a Funko Pop! for just about everyone you can think of, from fictional characters like The Sopranos to real people like Bob Ross. Back in 2021, the company even started letting people make Pop! figures that looked like themselves—but only in person at Funko’s two stores, located in Everett, Washington, and Hollywood, California, respectively.

This Pop! Yourself program proved so popular that Funko decided to bring it online. Now, at long last, you can order a customized “Pop!pleganger” for yourself—or anyone you know—from the comfort of your own couch. You get to virtually build the doll from scratch: skin tone, body shape, eyelashes, hairstyle, hat, glasses, outfit, and up to two accessories. 

Is it a graduation gift? Dress the doll in a graduation gown. Does the recipient love Star Wars? Hand the doll a lightsaber. You can even give the doll up to two pets (i.e. Pop! Buddies); there are plenty of cats and dogs to choose from. The box is customizable, too—you pick the name that goes on the front and there’s room for a message on the back (though be forewarned that Funko won’t allow inappropriate terms or trademark violations).

excited girl with her custom funko pop! figurine
Birthday gifts just got easier. / Funko

Funko revealed in a press release that “Entertainment, sports, and music collaborations are expected in 2024 to deliver more personal customization options.” And Pop! Babies are slated to launch this fall.

A Pop!pleganger costs $30, plus an extra $4 for each pet, and you can get started here. They’re currently only available in the U.S., and they’re not returnable. If you’re not quite ready to make a purchase—or you’re planning to put it on your Christmas list, instead—you can still get in on the Pop!pleganger fun for free. After you build your avatar, there are options to download the image file and share it on social media.