This Personal Safety Bracelet Will Call 911 for You in Case of Emergencies—Here’s What To Know

Flare / Flare
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Wearable tech offers a lot of benefits. With a smartwatch, you can do everything from monitor your fitness to something as simple as checking the time. As products get more sophisticated, it makes sense that wearable tech makers would look for new innovations. One of the most exciting developments of the last year came from Flare, a woman-owned tech company helmed by co-creators Quinn Fitzgerald and Sara de Zarraga. Their creation? A personal safety bracelet that's designed to bring peace of mind, especially in the event of an emergency.

"Our mission is simple: to put ourselves out of business and create a world where Flare is not needed," Fitzgerald and de Zarraga write on the company's About Us page. And with the Flare safety bracelet, that mission statement seems feasible. This piece of wearable tech, which at a glance you could easily mistake for a cute accessory, is actually an app-enabled powerhouse that includes a hidden button. With one press, you can trigger a fake call, send your GPS location to a friend or loved one, and even contact 911. You never even have to pull out a phone or break a sweat.

Originally available for $98, you can get it for a limited time at Flare for a discount. Just add one of the styles to your cart—the bracelet is available as a cuff, or in beaded or leather form and comes in multiple color varieties—and input the promo code "SAVE15." Automatically, you'll see the price on this accessory drop to $83, for $15 in savings.


Once you download the free Flare app and connect it to your bracelet via Bluetooth, you'll get to see this item's versatility in action. You can program it with emergency contacts, which Flare will send alerts to if you request it. It's battery-operated, but according to the brand, its standard should last up to two years. As you reach that anniversary, the brand will email you a reminder.

Because there's a small button on the bracelet that can be set up to send your GPS location and call 911, you might be worried what would happen if you accidentally press it, just being out and about in your everyday life. The brand gives you the option to turn this feature on or off at anytime, so you're less likely to trigger concern from loved ones by a mistaken alert. (You can also set that button to send a fake call to your phone; it's all based on your preferences set in the app.)

In real life, many folks who have tried the Flare safety bracelet consider it a great resource. "Being able to instantly send someone your location is such a game-changer because I share my location with my friends, but they are not checking it all the time," wrote Lea P., a reviewer on the Flare site. "Flare is my backup, something that I always have on me, that can enable me to have agency over my own safety," wrote Kaila F, another user. "The app can do a bunch of different things and was really easy to setup." Other shoppers like the bracelet because of how subtle it is, and how easily it can double as just a pretty-looking piece of jewelry.

As wearable smart tech goes, the Flare safety bracelet is one of the most exciting innovations of recent years. It could be a great investment for anyone who wishes to feel more empowered when they're in a new environment or potentially risky scenario. Give it a try now and you can even save a little extra in the process. More importantly, you may gain more peace of mind, and that's something no one can put a price on.

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