This Expandable Garden Hose Won’t Kink or Leak, and Now You Can Get It for a Great Discount

This kink-free garden hose can help you tackle all your outdoor chores this spring.
This kink-free garden hose can help you tackle all your outdoor chores this spring. / Flexi Hose/Amazon
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Springtime gardening has arrived, and what better item to add to your collection of outdoor tools than a hose that won’t kink, roll up, or leak on you? Thankfully, one of Amazon's best-selling expandable gardening hoses is now on sale, but only for a limited time.

From now through Sunday, April 17, you can save 15 percent on Amazon's fan-favorite Flexi Hose. This discount is available on most colors and sizes. You’ll be able to save $6 on the 50-foot hose, $8 on the 75-foot hose, and $9 on the 100-foot hose. The only exceptions in the group are the 25-foot hoses, which aren't on sale but are still available for $30.

Person using a Flexi Hose to water a plant outside
Flexi Hose / Flexi Hose

What makes the Flexi Hose so special is its expandable design: When the hose is filled with water, it can expand up to three times its regular length and will go back down to its usual size once it's empty. This flexibility is due to the strong and pliable polyester fabric that it's made from. This woven outer material combined with the four inner latex layers ensures that this hose is kink-, leak-, and tear-proof.

In addition, the hose is durable enough to withstand up to 12 bars worth of water pressure, which is equivalent to 1.2 million Pascal (Pa) or 174 pounds per square inch (PSI) of pressure. It can also function at temperatures ranging from 41°F to 113°F, so it'll be especially useful during the year's hottest days. The hose has brass fittings instead of plastic, with a rubber seal at one end to prevent leaks when connected to a faucet, while the other side has a valve to control the water flow.

With a 4.3-star rating and nearly 10,000 reviews, the Flexi Hose has become an outdoor essential. One customer found it useful for their recreational vehicle (RV), especially when it came time to store it. “The hose is long enough to reach the faucet at RV parks, and when we are done and head out, it compacts down to a tiny size for easy storage,” the reviewer wrote. Another person liked how manageable and lightweight the hose was to use. “I can water my yards with these lightweight hoses even though I use a wheelchair. It does not get tangled and impossible to handle, like a regular one, that gets all stiff after a while,” the customer wrote.

Make sure to go to Amazon to check out the Flexi Hose before the sale ends after Sunday, April 17.