10 Gifts to Buy With Your FSA Funds

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With the year coming to an end, it’s time to spend your FSA funds before they expire. You can't use the funds to buy just anything—you'll have to put them toward a pre-approved range of health-related items, which you can find on the FSA Store or on Amazon's FSA page. But there are plenty of ways to cross a few Christmas gifts off your list for loved ones with these funds. Here are some gifts you could snag with your leftover FSA funds.

1. Himalayan Chandra Neti Pot; $22

Himalayan Chandra Store/Amazon

By using the ceramic Himalayan Chandra Neti Pot, your loved one can rid their sinus passages of all mucus, pollen, dust, and other irritants. What’s more, this sinus cleanser is made of 100-percent natural ingredients, while the ceramic pot is completely lead-free.

Buy it: Amazon

2. Beurer EM34 2-in-1 Knee & Elbow TENS Unit; $45


Do you know a fitness fanatic in need of some joint or muscle relief after an intense workout? Then this electric massager is perfect. The Beurer EM34 specializes in delivering electrical impulses to target areas, relieving them of joint pain and soothing muscle tears. This user-friendly unit comes with simple controls and several intensity levels, helping to reduce pain without the use of medication.

Buy it: Amazon

3. Solemender Foot Massager; $39


Chances are you know someone who suffers from foot pain, and the Solemender Foot Massager will alleviate pressure in an instant. Consisting of a roller and re-freezable cooling gel, this foot massager targets all pressure points in your heel and foot, allowing users to effectively manage pain caused by arthritis, heel spurs, tendinitis, and plantar fasciitis. This product is also reusable and safe, and is equipped with a non-skid pad.

Buy it: Amazon

4. Miku Smart Baby Monitor; $400

Miku/FSA Store

With this smart baby monitor, new parents can catch a peaceful night’s sleep knowing their baby is under constant supervision. The Miku baby monitor will learn and analyze a baby’s sleeping habits with its SensorFusion technology, providing users with the information they need to develop the best sleeping environment for their child. What’s more, this monitor’s night vision optics and unlimited HD filming capacity mean parents never miss an important moment.

Buy it: FSA Store

5. Bucky Therapeutic Travel Neck Wrap; $26


If you know someone who struggles to remain comfortable while traveling, this soft neck wrap could be the solution to their problems. In addition to providing comfort, the Bucky neck wrap can also be used for hot and cold therapy. When hot, this neck wrap will provide relief for all sorts of joint and muscle tension, while its cold therapy will help alleviate pain from insect bites, sunburns, headaches, swelling, and fevers.

Buy it: Amazon

6. Kanjō Travel Acupressure Set; $70

Kanjō/FSA Store

The Kanjō Travel Acupressure Set offers a natural solution to neck, back, and foot discomfort. Consisting of a neck pillow and mat, this acupressure set uses ancient Chinese methodologies to provide users with an acupressure treatment that aims to alleviate pain throughout your body. The set is also highly portable and can easily be used to reduce pain while traveling.

Buy it: FSA Store

7. Caring Mill No-Contact Thermometer; $60

Caring Mill/FSA Store

This contactless thermometer uses infrared technology to read a person's temperature within seconds—just point and click. What’s more, this thermometer can be used from a safe distance, making it easy to use while social distancing. The Caring Mill Thermometer also enables users to track their results, as it can store up to 15 readings.

Buy it: FSA Store

8. eyeOs Blue Claude Premium Reading Glasses; $95

eyeOs/FSA Store

These reading glasses are both functional and fashionable. They sport a cultured and suave look, while also providing anti-glare, anti-reflective, and scratch-resistant lenses. These eyeOs reading glasses offer UV 400 protection, so people can enjoy a good book while sunbathing.

Buy it: FSA Store

9. Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm; $22

Jack Black/Amazon

Consisting of vitamin E, green tea extract, and antioxidants, the Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm keeps your bestie's lips protected in the harshest conditions. Its shea butter and avocado oil will make sure to soften and condition your lips, while the grapefruit and ginger will provide a soothing feeling.

Buy it: Amazon

10. FSA’s Travel Essential Bundle; $87

FSA Store

If you know someone who loves to travel and hike, this first-aid bundle consists of all the tools they could possibly need if injuries arise on the road. In addition to basics such as an ice pack, Band-Aids, and adhesive bandages, this bundle comes with premium products such as acupressure wrist bands and sunscreen. It even comes with a complimentary tote bag for storage.

Buy it: FSA Store

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