LEGO’s New Braille Bricks Are Here—Just in Time for Blindness Awareness Month

After first designing them for educational purposes, LEGO is finally launching a commercial version of its braille bricks just in time for Blindness Awareness Month.
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Playing with LEGO is an inherently tactile experience, and a new set from the Danish toy company takes full advantage of that. The special-edition braille bricks feature studs that form letters and numbers in the braille code, allowing children with blindness or low vision to read while they play.

LEGO launched the product on Friday, September 1 ahead of World Blind Awareness Month in October. One box contains 287 pieces that double as braille learning tools. They each feature the printed version of their corresponding character as well as the tactile version, allowing sighted people and those with blindness and/or limited vision to play together. 

The special bricks are fully compatible with standard LEGO sets. Kids can use them for freestyle construction projects, or they can play along with one of the several companion games available on LEGO’s website. The activities challenge players to race their friends, tell stories, and break codes by deciphering the symbols on the blocks. Sets are available in French as well as English.

Children playing with braille LEGO bricks and corresponding games on tablet.

LEGO first introduced braille bricks as a free tool for organizations working with children with vision loss. Following an overwhelmingly positive response from kids, families, and educators, the company decided to make a version of the toy available for purchase. For the commercial debut of the product, LEGO is partnering with Be My Eyes to answer customer service questions via the free app for blind users and those with low vision.

You can purchase LEGO braille bricks from the LEGO store today for $90. Here more facts about the iconic toy brand you should know.